"Transparency in the administration of justice fosters efficiency, reduces corruption and enables accountability"

CJPA promotes cooperation among concerned stakeholders to improve the delivery of justice across Africa

What We Do

We build partnerships across the board including governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, corporations, business enterprises and concerned individuals to share knowledge and to galvanize resources needed to bring African legal institutions at par with their counterpart institutions across the world.

Why it Matters

Peace is a fundamental requisite for development. Without proper administration of law and efficient delivery of justice, peace cannot be maintained in a sustainable manner anywhere.

Africa needs to improve the functioning of its law and justice systems not only to maintain peace but also to attract foreign investments and to empower its own people

How You Can Help

If you’d like to help, here’s how:

1. You and/or your company can become an associate member

2. You and/or your company can sponsor a program or an event

3. You and/or your company can become a CJPA sponsor or benefactor

4. Volunteer your time and skills for a specific project