CJPA’s line of services include the following:

  • The annual Pan-African Conference on Law, Justice, Peace and Development (PCLJPD) which is designed as a gathering through which relevant stakeholders and key policy and decision makers will engage one another in a constructive manner to foster the good functioning of law and justice institutions across the African continent.
  • Replication in each African country of the dynamic generated by the PCLJPD through organization of national-level and sub-national-level conferences on law, justice, peace and development to widen and sustain the momentum needed to achieve good administration of law and efficient delivery of justice at all administrative levels across Africa.
  • The provision of continuing legal education services on-site and off-site to identified beneficiaries across Africa.
  • The provision of specialized legal consulting services and policy advice to African governments, international organizations, multinational corporations and other interested parties.
  • The production of specialized publications including inter alia (a) the CJPA’s annual flagship report on the state of law, justice and peace in Africa, and (b) the African Journal of Legal, Political and Social Studies.