Bio of Thérèse Muleka Mubikayi

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Ms. Therese Muleka Mubikayi

Ms. Thérèse Muleka Mubikayi is a founding member of the CJPA. She has provided constant support and assistance to her husband over more than two decades in his endeavors to advance the cause of law and justice across Africa. She now serves as the CJPA’s Managing Director.

She studied law at the Facultés Universitaires Saint Louis and at Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. When her family moved to the US in 1983, she devoted her time and energy to raising her family of 4 children. In 1988, Thérèse resumed her university studies and received her B.A. degree in business administration in 1997. She worked on a full time basis until she moved to Abuja, Nigeria in 2008 to join her husband on his international assignment in the World Bank Nigeria country office.

In 1992, Thérèse participated in a seminar organized by the World Bank under her husband’s leadership in Conakry, Guinea on the role of justice in fostering economic development. In 2009, she equally participated in an international seminar entitled « Justice for the Poor » organized by the World Bank in Jakarta, Indonesia. Beyond these formal activities, Thérèse has gained substantial informal exposure to development issues through multiple visits of World Bank projects in several African countries including Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo, Guinea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Nigeria and Togo.

Thérèse has also devoted her time and talents to helping others including in the following areas : (i)  volunteer for religious teaching and volunteer assistant-teacher at the International French School, (ii) Vice President and then President of the African Students’ Association at Maharishi University of Management, (iii) volunteer with the World Bank Group-IMF African Society involved with organization of Africa 1998 and Africa 2000 Trade Forums, and (iv) Vice President and then President of the Association of Congolese Women of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area.

Thérèse speaks five languages, including English, French, Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba.



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